Procrastination and Its Reasons.

Abhay – Hey Manish, can you help me in doing my Marketing communication assignment to be submitted on 3rd November as something is not clear to me? Are you done with that? Manish – Chill, brother, I have not even started yet. We have a lot of time to complete our assignment. Abhay – Right, but it would be hectic doing it in the 11th hour, and we have only seven days left to submit. Manish – Relax, everything will happen on time. Abhay – Alright, you keep doing this at the last moment. All the best. On 1st November … Continue reading Procrastination and Its Reasons.

Are You a Daydreamer? Yes, I Am.

Daydream is a fantasy in awakening. It is pleasant feelings and thoughts that detach you from the reality of the moment and present. The imagination in Daydream pushes you to cloud nine, an exotic feeling dwells in you, and you resist yourselves to get out of it. Do you remember the heaven scene with clear foggy clouds in 90’s Indian mythological TV serials or movies where Gods used to spend a luxurious and lucrative life? Daydreaming escorts you to that level of happiness and satisfaction. I believe everyone happens to be a daydreamer. Some can be more, while some can … Continue reading Are You a Daydreamer? Yes, I Am.

Is the Internet Creating Social Isolation?

Humans and society are interdependent. Social interaction is the key to develop a strong bond between one individual and another/s. From the Primal human era to the new age technology era, everything evolves – human, society, thoughts, relationship, comfortabilities, and standard of living. But social interaction wins to maintain its status and fame despite the change in its medium from togetherness to social media interaction. The Internet is a primary and conveniently available network across the world. It is addictive and easy to use. It captivates humans to such an extent that (you may have noticed) people restrict themselves to … Continue reading Is the Internet Creating Social Isolation?

Anger is not that hard to deal with.

Anger is an intense emotional state that loosens self-control with a non-cooperative response to the perceived pain or menace. It is impulsive and reactive either in the form of shouting or ignorance or fights or lead the way to crime in some cases. Anger is a full-blown emotion that empowers mental stability temporarily. A human can not isolate themselves to be angry. Anger should not be confused with other unpleasant emotions like resentment, irritation, hatred, and loathing. It is a payback approach with a backward-looking that can be reactive and destructive. The reaction in anger (anger itself is reactive) can … Continue reading Anger is not that hard to deal with.

Daily Habits or Rituals Bringing Positive Differences in Life.

Habit is a regular behavioral routine. Habit formation is slow and a repetitive approach to a task. It is not a cakewalk, it needs discipline, internal motivation, and a goal-oriented will power. Starting a habit can be a bitter taste but once getting into it proves to be a boon. So, here are some of the daily habits which can bring a positive difference in life should be practiced. Early Rise – Greet the day with the sunrise. The fresh air in the morning rejuvenates moods. Early morning is peaceful, and it brings more productivity. Early riser often goes to … Continue reading Daily Habits or Rituals Bringing Positive Differences in Life.

Dieting vs Lifestyle Change. What is Your Practice?

Most of the people are often confused to choose between dieting and lifestyle change. Are you also one of them? Let’s have a close look at dieting and lifestyle change that might help you in making your decision. Dieting Dieting is very popular among today’s generations. It has become a synonym for weight loss. The number of people going on dieting every year increases rapidly. Choosing a proper and balanced diet under the supervision of a dietitian is the first step to lose weight. Dieting aims to weight loss but for short term. It is a practice of eating food … Continue reading Dieting vs Lifestyle Change. What is Your Practice?

Lessons Should be Learnt from Family.

Family! everyone has a family and without family survival in this world is a bit difficult. Family means a group of people living together either by consanguinity or affinity. A family generally consists of parents, children, and grand-parents. In the Indian culture joint family is widely preferable and without a grand-parents family is incomplete. Learning starts from family. Our lifestyle and habits depend on our family background and cultural practices. In a true sense a person’s behaviour, attitude, and lifestyle are the reflection of their family background. This blog is dedicated to all the families in the world and thus … Continue reading Lessons Should be Learnt from Family.

Are You stuck in Your Comfort Zone? Don’t Worry, Here are The Tips to Get Out of It.

Comfort, the word itself says ‘I am free from pain, Safe, comfortable, and cosy’. Comfort zone is a state of mind creating an environment or boundary of familiarity, lower stress, less effort. Since humans are different in nature, thoughts, and experiences so as their comfort zone. Some people, in their comfort zone, love to watch movies while some love to sleep whereas some may involve themselves in talking with people and so on. The comfort zone is addictive and it directly associates human behaviour. Human behaviour determines their lifestyle, thoughts, decision-making ability, career, and success. Not every human shows the … Continue reading Are You stuck in Your Comfort Zone? Don’t Worry, Here are The Tips to Get Out of It.

Logical vs Emotional Decision Making. How Do They Influence Our Lifestyle?

“Today, I went to the supermarket and started getting things on the lists. when I was lining up to pay, between taking the money and pocketing the phone, the 500 rupees note fell from my bag. The man who was in front of me slowly bent down and picked up my note. I held out my hand, waiting for him to give me back my money while preparing myself to thank him for the gesture. But suddenly, his words “What’s on the floor belongs to whoever finds it”, shocked me, and he left the place without giving a thought. I … Continue reading Logical vs Emotional Decision Making. How Do They Influence Our Lifestyle?

Digital Life is the New Normal. Are You Habituated to It?

From visiting mom and pop stores to online shopping, from self-cooking to ordering online food, from meeting in person to texting on social media sites, from waiting in a bank queue to making online transactions, from kundli matching to finding a match online, from working in an office to working from home, from playing in the ground to playing in smartphones, habits change. This change in habits leads to a new life called Digital life. Digital life is, simply, an online foot-printing. It makes people more independent and provides flexibility to live a life they imagine. Smartphone and better internet … Continue reading Digital Life is the New Normal. Are You Habituated to It?